The upper arms are a difficult area for many people as they get older or after a significant weight loss. Excess, sagging skin in the upper arm is not something that can be improved through diet and exercise, but Arm Lift may be able to help you achieve the results you desire. An Arm Lift, also called Brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to remove excess, sagging skin from the upper arms to create a more toned, youthful appearance. The Arm Lift is performed through an incision that runs along the bottom of the inner arm from the elbow to the armpit. The incision will leave a permanent scar that will fade over time but never go away; for most people the trade-off off is worthwhile.

Some people may choose to combine the Arm Lift with Liposuction or other body contouring procedures. To learn more about an Arm Lift and to find out if you may be a good candidate for the procedure, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Fontana today.