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We Can Help With Laser Tattoo Removal…

If you want to remove tattoos that you got when you were younger, or your tattoo has faded and is quite frankly an embarrassment, we can help you will laser tattoo removal.

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Laser removal basically produces tiny pulses of extreme light that passes safely into the top layers of your skin and is then absorbed by the ink (pigment) of the specified target (tattoo). The laser’s extreme light breaks up the ink into smaller pieces that your body’s immune system will naturally remove. The lighting on the lasers used in tattoo removal has been safely monitored to ensure that your surrounding skin will not be harmed, which is why larger and darker tattoos take more sessions than others.

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To completely get rid of a tattoo will take more than one session. Each session varies, but an average session is between 5 to 10 minutes. The darker and more new tattoos tend to take more time than those that are faded or light ink.

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