Birthmarks Removal

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BirthmarksBrown birthmarks are made up of brown pigment (melanin). Red (vascular) birthmarks are made up of lots of tiny blood vessels. All birthmarks vary greatly in size and occur on different parts of the body. Some birthmarks can grow progressively darker or larger.

With advances in technology, most birthmarks can be removed through laser pigment removal. While the birthmark may not be entirely removed in some cases, successful treatments can lighten or cause the area to be completely cleared.

Thank you so much

5 5 Star Rating Written on November 4, 2019

Thank you so much for your kindness and caring. I now look in the mirror and feel that I don’t have to cover up my flaws.


By using laser therapy, the light passes through the skin where it is absorbed. The heat causes the vessels to shrink and disappear and the birthmark to fade. Multiple treatments may be required.

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