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As one ages, men and particularly peri-menopausal and post menopausal women, exhibit a progressive loss or decrease in facial volume. The full, wrinkle free face of youth is progressively lost as the collagen content of the skin diminishes, facial volume decreases and facial soft tissues begin to sag. The most severe changes are seen in the mid-facial area.

I define the mid-face as the section of the face extending from the lateral edges of the lips upward to the outer area of the eyes ( crow’s feet area.) As facial fat content decreases, the skin becomes loose and the soft tissues of the face including the facial skin and its contents begin to sag. As the soft tissues of the midface sag, the shape of the corners of the lips change and the patient acquires the “unhappy smile” with the corners of the lip pointed downward. The so-called nasolabial folds become deeper and more prominent.

An aged jaw and neck line develops and jowls become particularly prominent in patients with rectangular rather than oval faces. The lower eyelid lengthens and your cheeks may develop a hollow appearance.

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A midface lift is very similar to the elevation of the facial soft tissues seen when you smile. A mid-face suspension is usually performed in conjunction with a facelift, but may be considered alone in select patients. All of the contents of the mid-face are elevated in an almost vertical direction, thereby creating a more defined prominence of the soft tissues over the cheek bones and a relative shortening of the lower eyelid.

The inverted, “unhappy” smile assumes a more natural shape with the edges of the lips in a horizontal position. A mid-face suspension redistributes facial soft tissue volume from a lower position to its formerly higher position.

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