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While we can’t choose the chin we’re born with, chin implants can help us correct a weak-looking chin and improve facial symmetry. Dr. Don Fontana uses chin augmentation surgery to insert chin implants for Maryland patients.

A strong chin can create a strong impression, whereas a weak chin can make a person look as though they lack confidence. Additionally, a poorly developed chin throws off the entire aesthetic of the face. A weak chin can make your nose look too big or make your eyes look too small. Chin implants restore balance to your face.

What Are the Benefits of Chin Implants?

A chin implant can offer a number of benefits:

  • It can improve the projection of your lower face and improve your facial profile.
  • It can improve proportions to create balance and symmetry.
  • It can make your face appear fuller and wider.
  • It can lengthen your face by adding inches to your vertical chin height.
  • It can sharpen your jawline and neck to create a more defined look.
  • It can minimize the appearance of a double chin caused by weak chin bones.

Is a Chin Implant Right for Me?

Chin augmentation can benefit men and women alike. People who have used dermal filler injections to create a strong chin in the past but want a longer-lasting solution are ideal candidates.

Good candidates have a well-functioning jaw and set of teeth that the chin implant can sit next to nicely. As long as a person is in generally good health and has no serious medical issues, they are most likely a good candidate for an implant.

What Does a Chin Implant Surgery Involve?

A chin augmentation is an outpatient procedure that makes use of an implant, which comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Typically, the implant is made of solid silicone, a rubbery, flexible, soft material. Dr. Fontana will choose the right implant for you, taking into consideration your desired appearance and facial anatomy.

The implant will be inserted via small incisions. Dr. Fontana can make an incision in one of two places:

  • On the underside of the chin
  • Inside the mouth

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The inside of the mouth ensures that the incision is completely invisible, but the incision made underneath the chin is a more straightforward procedure and recovery process.

Once the chosen incision is made, a pocket is created in the tissues, which Dr. Fontana slips the implant into neatly. It is attached to soft tissue or bone. Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures. The entire procedure takes less than an hour.

Is There a Recovery Period?

Patients can return to regular activity within a few weeks. Most people don’t need pain medication, but they may be prescribed an antibiotic to stave off infections as their body adapts to the new implant.

Almost everyone experiences a mild tightness in the chin area in the initial stages because of the increased volume that the implant provides. Ensuring that you elevate your head during sleep to minimize swelling should quickly return the sensation in your chin to normal.

If your incision was made inside your mouth, there are additional steps you must take. Ensure that you eat a soft diet for several days. Rinse your mouth after eating so no debris sticks to the sutures. The sutures should naturally dissolve within weeks.

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