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What goes first? Eyelids and Eyebrows

Typically, the area showing the earliest signs of aging are the eyes and the areas around the eyes. Eyelid skin is the thinnest skin of the face and does not tolerate sun, smoking, inadequate skin care. Eyelids must also conform to the shape of the eye itself and gravity can change eyelid position . The eyebrows are structures that sag just as all areas of the face. In women, the once graceful arch of the eyebrow gradually flattens becoming more horizontal eventually dropping closer to the margin of the upper eyelashes. As the distance between the eyebrow and upper eyelashes narrows and the two structures become closer together, the person projects a very tired appearance.

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When the distance between the eyebrow and upper eyelashes is too great, a person acquires a surprised look. A woman with a balanced, harmonious appearance typically exhibits an eyebrow with a gentle, elegant arch beginning at approximately the middle of the brow with the outer brow segment sloping only slightly downward. The highest point in the aesthetically perfect brow should be in line with the lateral (outer) edge of the patient’s iris(pupil of the eye). When the eyebrow sags too much, an endoscopic brow lift elevates it, producing a balance and harmony.

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